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Tenant Referencing, Right-to-Rent Checks, and Insurance Policies - Directly for Landlords
Tenant Referencing

Comprehensive credit reports with detailed insights into a prospective tenant's credit profile, income status, and previous tenancies.

Right To Rent

Our online service makes it easy to comply with your obligations under the Immigration Act 2016.

Know Your Customer

Validate the identity of an individual quickly and conveniently with our Know Your Customer service.


We make sure your rent gets paid, with fully insured Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance policies.


Built for Landlords and Tenants

All landlords and tenants have a unique personal login with a profile tailored to their needs, accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Landlord Info
  • Find out if your tenants are suitable for your property
  • Manage your tenancy without a letting agent
Tenants Info
  • Keep up to date with the progress of your reference
  • Contact and receive documents from your landlord
What Landlords Say

Landlords Love TenancyPod

"TenancyPod makes it really easy to rent out my house without needing a letting agent. They provided a very clear reference report and the list of other things that you need to do or have done to start the tenancy. Simple to provide all the documents to my tenant through the site, saved time and effort of emailing or posting. I have recommended them to friends and would not hesitate to do so again!"

- Brian Forkes

"I used TenancyPod a few months ago and the tenants they passed have been excellent. They did my references quickly and made sure that the tenants would be able to pay the rent. I have used it to communicate with the tenants since the referencing, I’ve been able to give information to the tenants I wouldn’t have known I needed to if it weren’t explained to me on my property checklist. Would definitely recommend."

- Katherine Broder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tenant Credit Check?

A Tenant Credit Check is a snapshot of your tenants’ credit profile in time. It is essentially a rating of your tenants’ ability to repay money, the same as would be used by a bank when considering whether to offer a loan.

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What is a Full Reference?

A full reference includes a full Credit Check along with an income reference, an evaluation of your tenants’ ability to afford their rent, verified by their employer or official documents where applicable, and a landlord reference, a summary from their current landlord or letting agent of their rental payments and how they treat the property.

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What is Right to Rent?

Right to Rent is an initiative launched by the Home Office on February 1st 2016, obliging landlords or letting agents to confirm a tenants right to live in the UK before commissioning a tenancy. Use our Right to Rent platform for all tenants, explaining how to conduct a check in three simple stages.

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How much will my account cost?

There is no registration fee, nor monthly subscription. Your account will work on a “Pay as you go” basis, you pay per product you order, no hidden costs.

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