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About our products

A Tenant Credit Check is a snapshot of your tenants’ credit profile in time. It is essentially a rating of your tenants’ ability to repay money, the same as would be used by a bank when considering whether to offer a loan.

A full reference includes a full Credit Check along with an income reference, an evaluation of your tenants’ ability to afford their rent, verified by their employer or official documents where applicable, and a landlord reference, a summary from their current landlord or letting agent of their rental payments and how they treat the property.

We also offer a Know Your Customer check and a Right to Rent platform to help you with your obligations under the Immigration Act 2016, along with an MRZ validation tool to help you confirm the validity of your tenants’ documentation.


Questions often asked by landlords

Right to Rent is an initiative launched by the Home Office on February 1st 2016, obliging landlords or letting agents to confirm a tenants right to live in the UK before commissioning a tenancy. Use our Right to Rent platform for all tenants, explaining how to conduct a check in three simple stages.

We evaluate tenants’ income on 2.5 times the yearly rent/30 times the monthly rent, to ensure they can afford the rent along with their other outgoings. Guarantors are evaluated on 3/36x.

We will reference many types of income including but not limited to Employed PAYE, Self-employed, Pensions, Benefits, etc.

If your tenant has offered to pay their full rental term upfront, we would still recommend conducting an income reference, to confirm they have the ability to continue payments should you wish to extend their tenancy.

You cannot reference anybody under the age of 18 who will be living in your property. We recommend referencing everybody over the age of 18, including those coming from outside of the UK.

All you need from your tenant is their name, email address and phone number. We will obtain the rest of their information directly from them, to save you time. You will be able to access all this information once we have received it, so that you can keep it for future reference should you wish.

If your tenants reference is returned as a fail, the decision still lies with you whether to continue with the let. We will provide you with the facts, for you to make an informed decision going forwards. If you feel that a tenant is suitable for the property but had been declined on their reference for whatever reason, you can reference a guarantor for free to add security.

Your tenants may not have a credit score in the UK. If they have lived in the UK for less than 12 months, we will set them to a default credit score which will be stated on your final report. In this case we would recommend a UK based guarantor.

This is your choice. Most landlords would take 4-6 weeks rent as a damage deposit. Our insurance requires at least one month’s rent to be taken, and future legislation may restrict the deposit to no more than 6 weeks rent.

There are three government recognised deposit schemes; DPS, TDS, Mydeposits. In the event of a dispute regarding the use of a tenant’s damage deposit, they will independently adjudicate the use of the funds. Our LLDRP requires that the deposit is lodged with one of the aforementioned, within the first month of the tenancy.

To be eligible for our Rent Protection all tenants must pass their referencing or have a successfully referenced guarantor, before commencement of the AST.

A minimum of one month’s deposit must be lodged in a government recognised tenancy deposit scheme, you must take a month’s rent in advance in cleared funds.


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