Tuesday 13th November 2018

Marketing your property

Marketing your property is a very important stage in the renting process. Not only do you want to attract a suitable tenant, you also want your property to stand out from the rest.

So first, before placing an ad, what do you need to consider?

  • Photos – this is the first thing that will attract a potential tenant to your property. Taking high quality photos will attract a larger market.
  • List everywhere – not only should you use the well-known marketing sites, but you should also take advantage of social media and the thousands of people that use it.

So, you’ve got your photos ready and now you need to put together some content for your ad. Below are some key points that you should highlight:

  • Location – some tenants base their whole search on where the property is located. Making sure that you’ve noted in the ad if your property is based near schools, public transport links and distance to local cities could boost your enquiries. 
  • Parking – for some tenants parking is essential, so ensuring that you’ve noted whether it’s included or not will filter enquiries. 
  • Cost – ensure all costs that are involved with renting your property are included, i.e. the rent itself, deposit, and any additional referencing fees. 
  • EPC – upload a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate to your ad, regardless of the rating. It’s better for the tenant to be aware of this from the start to prevent any nasty surprises in the future from their energy bills. 
  • Preferences – ensure your preferences are clearly listed, for example whether pets are allowed and if you will rent the property to someone in receipt of housing benefit. 
  • Availability – make a clear note of when your property will be available from and the type of tenancy you are looking to offer (long or short term).

Following the steps above could help to ensure a clear ad with a higher response rate. Once you’ve placed your ad and booked in some viewings, visit our article on "Something for landlords to think about", at https://tenancypod.co.uk/news/something-for-landlords-to-think-about-9, which highlights some potential warning signs on prospective tenants.

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