Friday 8th June 2018

What Is Right To Rent?

Right to Rent checks have to be carried out by all private landlords or letting agents in England.

TenancyPod can help you with this, and our online service makes it easy to comply with your obligations.

The Immigration Act 2016 means you must check the immigration status of someone before renting to them, as well as that of anyone aged 18 or over who will be living with them.

Landlords who don’t make the checks could be fined up to £3,000 if they rent out a property to someone who’s in the UK illegally. 

TenancyPod is here to help and we guide you through each stage of your responsibilities so nothing is missed. We also provide you with the reassurance of an additional MRZ check, so you can determine if your tenant’s travel documents are genuine.

All our checks are included as standard in the cost of your reference. 

Carrying out your Right to Rent check is straightforward with TenancyPod. Just follow our 3 easy steps:

  1. Obtain the original acceptable immigration documents that allow the applicant to live in the UK. We will tell you what documents are acceptable.
  2. Check the validity of the documents in the presence of the document holder. It’s a good idea to record the expiry date of each document as this allows us to keep you informed when documents are about to expire.
  3. Copy the documents you’ve checked. This is a mandatory practice and helps keep you protected. You can upload document copies alongside the rest of the information, so you can quickly and easily review all aspects of a check. 

Our additional MRZ safety check helps to verify that any travel document or passport has not been tampered with. All you have to do is enter the MRZ code on the travel document and we’ll analyse this for you to help ensure that it’s correct.

It’s so easy with TenancyPod: we’ll guide you through all your Right to Rent checks online, step-by-step. All your uploaded documents are safe, and you’re able to access and view them anytime, from any of your devices, via our secure online platform. 

TenancyPod is the perfect solution for Property Management and will always keep you updated on any changes to legislation or compliance.

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